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Besides the major automobile manufacturers, there is a plethora of companies that only produce individual products for the entire production chain. These may be plant manufacturers or tool producers, in addition to the producers of individual parts who are responsible for up to 70% of all components in a newly built vehicle.

Not every translator is capable of translating for the automotive industry. Specialist translators acquire an understanding of the technical details and processes through corresponding professional training and years of experience with texts from the automotive sector. Choosing a specialist translator who has undergone training specifically in this field is therefore absolutely crucial for assuring the quality of these translations.

We are a competent and reliable partner for all kinds of technical translations. We provide you with a comprehensive service and overall consultation on process design and technical solutions as well as on quality assurance and cost savings through word repetitions and automated procedures. We analyse the systems and processes used by you and create a customised solution for all translation services in your company. This means you can rest assured that your systems, machines and other technical products will be used properly all over the world. We look forward to hearing from you – and to working with you!

Banking and finance

As interconnectivity between international markets increases, translations of real estate, insurance and financial sector texts are becoming increasingly important. Since these specialist translations are often the basis on which significant decisions are made, they need to be impeccable in both form and content – without losing their persuasive power. In other words, financial documents are expected to be capable of influencing foreign investors, translations for real estate agents should attract international clients, and translations for the insurance industry need to facilitate the proper processing of claims. The certified specialist translators at translation-office know the appropriate regulations in detail and will translate your specialist texts so that you can confidently use them for your activities abroad as well.

Why us?

Financial translations from us mean to build trust with investors, clients and contractual partners.

Annual reports, real estate listings, claim notifications – we handle every translation project with precision and discretion.
Our specialist translators for financial, real estate and insurance texts guarantee you subject expertise and linguistic persuasiveness.
We translate your financial, insurance and real estate text to a high quality
Personal support and guaranteed translation quality put your translations on the most secure footing possible.


Multilingualism is the basic requirement for international commerce, both online and offline. At all times, product information needs to be perfectly attuned to country-specific requirements. Communications that are adapted for worldwide use allows you to tap into new markets and acquire (and retain!) new clients and consumers – without losing your corporate identity. Translation-office is familiar with the challenges of e-commerce and trade, and can provide you with the support of its certified translation services as you internationalise your business.
The dawn of digitalisation hasn’t just accelerated the pace of globalisation – it’s also multiplied the challenges for retail companies and online shops which operate internationally. Global expansion demands a unified market presence that’s still tailored to suit individual countries. Striking the right tone is of the utmost importance, especially for marketing B2C products, as this can often influence whether a client decides to make a purchase to a great extent. Multinational strategies are indispensable, as consumer behaviour not only varies wildly, but also constantly changes as the market evolves. The ability to react quickly to political decisions and trade agreements is essential. With its professional translations, translation-office can support you as you internationalise your company, helping you stay competitive on a global level and retain clients over the long term.

Why us?

We make your market presence competitive on an international scale.
Our translators are highly qualified both in terms of linguistic expertise and industry-specific knowledge.
We’ll generate a tailored quotation for your translation enquiry – from T&Cs to the fine print on your packaging.
Our certified high-quality guarantees reliability you can count on – and the freedom to incorporate individuality.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Translations for the fields of medicine, Life Sciences and pharmaceuticals require industry-specific expert knowledge in addition to outstanding linguistic skills. In the worst-case scenario, translation errors on medication instruction leaflets or instruction manuals for medical devices could result in health risks for patients. As a professional translation agency, translation-office therefore not only provides a certified translation process and personalised customer service, but also works exclusively with qualified, certified pharmaceutical and medical translators.
In pharmaceutical and medical translations, translation-office not only focuses on absolute precision and correct semantics, but also on compliance with necessary standards and guidelines. Manufacturers, importers and dealers can therefore naturally also turn to tolingo for help with the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which will came into force a few months. The regulation was published on 05 May 2017. A transitional period of three years applies to manufacturers of already approved medical devices by which the new MDR requirements must be met. If you have not yet adapted to the new directive, we will help you as soon as possible so that your products can also be kept safely on the European market.

Why us?

We are conscious of the high level of responsibility that comes with translating medical and pharmaceutical texts – and up to the task.

From compact medication instruction leaflets to highly complex studies intended for an expert audience – specialist medical texts need to be 100% accurate and precisely translated.
All texts are translated by certified, qualified specialist translators with experience in medical and pharmaceutical translation.
We will implement your translation project quickly, confidentially and to your individual specifications.

Travel and Tourism

With more than 100 million workers globally, tourism is one of the biggest economic sectors in the world. Perfect translations are crucial for advertising destinations, accommodation, flights and tourist attractions in an international context and for providing information to tourists who speak different languages. translation-office provides outstanding translation services for this industry. The information is translated to convey the original tone and mood while inspiring the reader to take the holiday – without losing any of its accuracy in terms of its content. Our regular translation services are supplemented by special corporate solutions that make collaboration even easier and that lower the costs over the long-term.

Why us?

We knows the challenges the travel industry faces

We can produce an accurate, appropriate translation for any type of content or destination
Our travel industry translators are qualified, highly experienced native speakers
We get your readers in the mood to travel
Certified translation quality and processes with personalised customer service.


We are a qualified translation agency you need for the IT, telecommunications, software and electronics industries. The engine of new and improved software solutions never rests. That’s why translations for the technology industry demand a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the field that also incorporates localisation for source data and adjustment to the norms of the target country. With us, you can rest assured that our translators all have these industry-specific specialist skills and know exactly what terminology the target group speaks, understands and expects.

We are capable of adapting to rapid changes and can offer prompt translations for the technology industry.
From sophisticated software databases to marketing materials, all content types are translated to the highest possible quality standard.
All texts are translated by experienced software developers and specialists – quality guaranteed.
We’ll implement your translation project quickly, confidentially and to your individual specifications.


Academic texts are generally published for a readership that consists of scholars from other countries who are familiar with the terminology used and the topics addressed. This means that, when translating these texts, exceptional accuracy is essential. We are a certified translation agency with more than five years of experience in academic translation. The expertise that we’ve gained over many years of experience with our clients is precisely what a dependable translation partner should have.

Why us?

We are the perfect companion for your international, academic career – certified, prompt and confidential.
From Bachelor’s theses and dissertations to university lectures: we are adept at incorporating the requirements for a variety of text types with precision and an individualised, case-by-case approach.
Target group, subject, format – translation-office is very familiar with the standards that apply to academic texts.
Our translators consider themselves research associates for your academic work.
We make it possible for you to publish your specialised texts internationally.

That’s why, and more…

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