Well-structured Quality

Four eye principle

Since four eyes see more than just two, every translation is carefully proofread by another specialist linguist who makes sure it is flawless and suitable for the target audience.

Certified translators

A high quality of translation is most importantly ensured by selecting a linguist that meets the needs of a project perfectly. For the fast and optimal selection of a translator, we established a pool of translators. We work only with qualified specialist translators and the quality of their translations is continually evaluated. Read more about this in the section “Translators”.

Project management

Permanent quality control and efficient project management is applied to coordinate and tailor the different workflows and processes of translation projects. We also use modern technology to plan and develop translation projects and optimise the duration of projects.

Translation memory

A translation memory (TM) is a very important tool for translators which stores previously translated content in a database. This provides reference and improves the consistency and quality of all of your current and future translation projects. A translation memory system (TMS) identifies matching and repeated sections (segments) of text. The TMS provides the linguist with previously stored database segments in varying matching degrees. It depends on the respective context whether a previous translation is appropriate or whether a new translation is required. With the use of a translation memory, matching segments of a text need only be translated once and can be reused from the database, which improves the consistency and, consequently, the quality of your project. The benefits of a translation memory include a faster completion of your document, significant cost savings as well as increased consistency of style and terminology within and across translations.


Your personal data is handled by Translation Office with the utmost care and attention. Over the internet, a SSL encryption prevents external sources from accessing sensitive data. All internal and external employees sign a confidentiality agreement ensuring that your personal data is never passed to any unauthorized third-party. To log in your secured area, “My Account” with your individual login credentials go to “My Account”. From here, you will have full control of your data. Use this zone to submit and receive files, monitor your projects and keep track of your invoices.

All data that we receive from you will be treated as strictly confidential. Every Translation Office translator is bound by confidentiality and exclusively produces their texts in our system, preventing them from downloading or copying your text. We will be happy to issue a separate non-disclosure agreement for you.

The documents are provided to Translation Office in a wide variety of formats, prepared for translation using our software and then processed in the system by mother tongue translators. Spellcheckers, dictionaries and client-specific terminology databases ensure optimal consistency and quality in the texts – even with tight deadlines. As an extra layer of checking, Translation Office works according to the four eye principle. This means that every text is proofread by a second translator.

As engineering companies often require highly extensive translations, we provide you with a personal contact at Translation Office who will support and advise you throughout the planning and processing of your projects.