Transparent Pricing Structure

We always charge by the number of words in the source text so you know exactly how much you’ll be charged before accepting our quote.

This is important as number of words in your translated document may well be greater than the number of words in the document you send us for a quote. This is due to something called word expansion.

Some companies charge by the number of words in the translated text which we think is unfair as there’s no way of telling until the job is done meaning you could get a nasty surprise when their bill arrives.

If your document is already in the format of a computer file, you can easily send it to us at the click of a mouse. We’ll give you a detailed quote up-front and stick to it.

Bank transfer

  • No extra fees from our site.
  • After confirmation you can download you document in your customer-account

Flexible Pricing

Not every language is the same, so the price of your translation projects may vary

  • Per word rates from 0,15€, depending on the language combination.
  • Use our cost calculator to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.
  • Tailored proposals upon request.



  • No extra fees
  • Your bank or credit card details are stored with PayPal. With PayPal, bank and credit card details are not used for every online purchase, a feature that makes PayPal extra safe. You can also easily pay with two clicks of the mouse. For more details on the method, please refer to the provider’s page